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The Hackathon

Think about the vast amount of content and documents businesses generate Every Day. Every Month. Every Year.

Now, imagine a management platform in the cloud that turns everything - documents, data and metadata - into smart contextual information. That’s the power of redline: a Rapid Application Development platform for building customized content management solutions. 

redline allows for super fast retrieval of information and super smart search while being flexible, scalable and compliant with a variety of industry regulations. redline cloud v 1.0 is a set of APIs you’ll be hacking on. 

Add any Rest API-compatible technology to complete your vision: AI/machine learning, messenger services, document editing tools, Microsoft Azure Apps (LogicApps, Functions, BotServices, PowerApps - hackathon licensing and onsite Azure expert provided). You have the freedom to integrate.

If you’ve been frustrated at the lack of intelligence for content and knowledge sharing, this hack’s for you!

Meet in SoHo NYC

466 Broome Street

New York, NY 10013


Who Should Attend?

Software Developers

Citizen Developers

Professional Services


Project Management and Marketing



Systems Integrators

Consulting Firms


Grand Prize$5K + Berlin Trip

1st Runner Up$2.5K

2nd Runner Up$2.5K


Judging, Prizes and Challenges

Your projects will be judged on innovation, creativity and use of technology. 

How can you integrate AI/ML and other disruptive technologies? 

How forward-thinking and future-proof is the vision/idea behind your solution? Judges will be interested in creative use cases grounded in the real world. 

Projects must focus on one of three challenge areas

1. Sharing & Collaboration: Envision new ways to share information beyond the whole document - a messenger stream, one clip within a video, mail content that was archived. Imagine next-generation collaboration combining the redline document management APIs and communication tools (Slack, Microsoft Teams, etc.). Utilize the powerful SQL query capability from the redline framework to improve the user experience. Check out something like OwnCloud - or any other Open Source tools you know. Extra points for a mobile-first solution.

2. Archiving: Envision new or faster and more efficient ways for archiving information such as emails, documents, videos, streams and others. Use the power of AI and Machine Learning to extract metadata from diverse data sets. For example, use object recognition to tag a video sequence frame by frame and find a way to do this in a scalable and timely way. Learn about the redline structure service and enhance it with AI to make it adapt to your needs. When you do, keep regulatory constraints in mind.

3. Business Process Challenge: Create an example UI and integrate a cloud-based process engine – adding whatever technology you want – to the current system stack to orchestrate a business workflow. The goal is to enhance the redline APIs with powerful components that live in the cloud.

There will also be giveaways and smaller challenges onsite,

so everyone has the chance to be a winner.

Plus, everyone who attends gets a t-shirt.


Day 1 - April 6th

Day 2 - April 7th


Doors open / Check-in / BreakfastKickoff and Introductions
Ideation & Team FormationCrash TestsLunchTwitter ChallengeRC Car RacesDinnerTeam Registration DueHacking Overnight Available


Breakfast / technical support resumes
Project Submission DueLunchFinal PresentationsJudges DeliberateWinners AnnouncedBeats and ReceptionEnd



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